Leo Moran


Leo Moran formed The Saw Doctors with Davy Carton and Davy’s next-door-neighbour, Mary O’Connor, somewhere in the mid-80s. Davy had been in an exciting punky power-pop band in 1980 by the name of Blaze X, with fellow singer and song-maker-upper, the late Paul Cunniffe and when they became defunct Leo felt that there was a danger that there were great songs that might lie low and never be heard again. So Carton, O’Connor and Moran began resurrecting some of the creations of the Blaze X time whilst starting to write new songs.

Padraig Stevens, a master songwriter, had been manager of Blaze X and he joined the Doctors, playing drums and writing. Between the jigs and the reels, they wrote a good few songs, including one which they grafted on to a Blaze X original, a song Paul sang by the name of ‘I Used To Love Her’ – with new verses and using the Blaze X version for the chorus, to distinguish it from the original, they called it ‘I Useta Lover’. The Cunniffe/Carton/Stevens/Moran song was released as the band’s second single in Ireland in 1990 and became the country’s not only best-loved, but also biggest selling single in history. It kicked off The Saw Doctors first of seven studio albums, ‘If This Is Rock And Roll I Want My Old Job Back’ and propelled The Saw Doctors into a gigantic Irish success and an international touring outfit that has built up a supremely loyal and faithful fan-base all over the world, but in particular in the United States, where they have toured in the region of a hundred times, and in Britain, where the amount of visits would simply be un-countable.